Stock and Future Trader

AtomPro applies the experience gained in the option markets to a new Product: the Stock and Future Trader.

The Stock and Future Trader is developed for Stock and Future Trading based on the latest Microsoftİ .Net technology.

The software set-up is very flexible:

The Stock and Future Trader is available as stand alone version for independent traders and exchange members. For trading arcades we offer a server based version for a maximum of 100 traders. This includes a Pre Trade Risk Management tool to monitor the trading activities of the traders.

Characteristics of the Stock and Future Trader:

  • very fast,
  • a simple and clear lay-out,
  • User definable trading environment.
  • Users can simply build their own trading environment.

Key benefits of the Stock and Future Trader:

The Stock and Future Trader is built in Microsoft's .Net. This means that trading strategies can be automated through scripts written in, for example, C# or Visual Basic.

In addition to that AtomPro provides Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) that contain a number of trading strategies that can easily be changed. AtomPro can also help you in the implementation of your proprietary trading strategies.

Trading Composites

Because of its flexible set-up it is simple to add spread or composite orders. These trading strategies can simply be two securities or even an entire index basket. Once created composite orders can be traded like any other security, even market depth is shown. Composite orders can be created across several exchanges. Because scripts can be used on these composite products too, it creates numerous trading or arbitraging strategies.

The scripting environment can be used to create trading systems that can interact with other decision support systems.

The stock and future trader offers traders a fast, flexible and open trading platform for only a fraction of the price of comparable products.