Lite Trader

Euronext.Liffe has announced that the Switch Trader Client will no longer be supported as of November 29th 2004 (proposed migration date from Switch to the Liffe.Connect platform). For those traders that are looking for an alternative for the Switch Trader Client, AtomPro has developed a 'lite' version of the successful AtomPro Screen Trader.

The AtomPro Lite Trader features basic functionality to access all AtomPro supported markets. The software enables traders to trade futures, stocks and options and is ideally suited for day traders that are looking for simple, reliable and affordable trading software.

The AtomPro Lite Trader is client-based. This means that it will run on your current hardware, no additional investments are required.

Please contact us to start using the AtomPro Lite Trader!

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T: +31 (20) 55 10 500