April 2007 - Derivatives a need 4U2

The Derivatives Technology Foundation is organizing a symposium on June 7th 2007.

Register for the symposium 'Derivatives a need 4U2' or visit the website for more information.

April 2007 - support Xetra 8.0

AtomPro ScreenTrader 2.7.5 is using the Xetra 8.0 Platform

January 2007 - support Eurex 9.0

AtomPro ScreenTrader 2.7.1 is complient with the new Eurex 9.0 Platform.

As from now we support Strategies traded on Eurex.

July 2006 - New Office Building

AtomPro has moved to Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120 per 31st of july 2006

See Contact information for the details.

May 2006 - Api 9.1 Conformance passed

AtomPro has passed the conformance for LIFFE CONNECT® 9.1. The current version of the software is ready for the new release of Liffe.Connect.

LIFFE CONNECT® 9.1 is technical release containing some new functionality which requires no change to the API. The release involves changes to the architecture of LIFFE CONNECT® which provides greater resilience and scalability.

The new architecture will comprise multiple trading engines, each trading engine being a LIFFE CONNECT® Trading Host. Trading engines are configured to support multiple contracts. A given contract will only be configured on a single trading host.

Target release 9.1 Go Live dates:
Equities Go live July 10th 2006
Financials Go live July 24th 2006.

May 2006 - Weekly Options

Eurex and Euronext.Liffe have recently introduced options with a lifetime of just one week. Trading in AEX Weekly options started on 26 May 2006. Eurex introduced weekly options on benchmark indexes DAX® and Dow Jones EURO STOXX® 50 as well as the Swiss SMI® on April 24th , 2006.

Both exchanges choose to list the weekly options as separate product classes. AtomPro has integrated these product classes in one market view. Greeks are aggregated and the weekly options can be traded using the same parameters, like one volatility surface, as the monthly options.