SFT here by introduces the new function that delivers greater openness and flexibility to the Atompro Screentrader®. The new functionality is called AtomPro Scripting. Trading companies have to make a strategic choice in either developing software internally or use a software vendor with general public software. In-house development means great flexibility and control over the product Also the influence on the priority list of new functionalities is obvious. The costs though are extremely high (development time and maintenance). Another disadvantage is that only in-house expertise is developed in to the software. In general public software, most of the ideas and improvements are initiated by the users (client base). A disadvantage is that the functionalities are for general usage and not developed for individual use as specified by the end user. Another disadvantage is that the user has almost no influence on the priority list that the ISV has for its new functionalities.

By using the scripting tool, the user can add code directly into the software and tailor the software to its own specific needs. AtomPro developed a new programming tool, the AtomPro Script Language. It's a very simple language. It enables every trader to program small syntaxes to further enhance his / her trading capacaties. The AtomPro Script Developer helps the trader with the programming. It signals mistakes in the programming, assisting with keywords and debugging facilities.

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