Open API

SFT here by introduces the new function that delivers greater openness and flexibility to the Atompro ScreenTraderŽ. The new functionality is called the AtomproŽ API. The AtomPro API guarantees openness of the ScreenTrader System. By using the API, users are able to retrieve and send data directly into the application. This enables the user to generate their own functionalities and no longer depend entirely on the standard functionalities of the software. More important is that the users are less dependant of the development schedule of the Software Vendor. A user can decide to develop a certain area of the software (for example a volatility manager) and no longer wait for the ISV to come with this standard new functionality. The user now fully controls the agenda of the development and is able to add new in-house developed functionalities to the system.

For more information about the AtomPro Open Api, please contact us:

AtomPro B.V.
T: +31 (20) 55 10 500