The first product launched for our clients was AtomPro. This software product enabled market makers, proprietary traders and risk managers to monitor risk associated with their derivatives portfolios, including the use of the software as a decision support system for their trading strategies. Due to the further maturing of financial markets the demand for high technology increases. Besides the need for an intra-day real-time risk monitor, the controlling of global risk and the ability to analyze corporate strategies becomes more important. As the accessibility of open out-cry markets increased, the importance of real time parameters including the incorporation of advanced technology such as handheld computers became necessary in order to trade competitively in these markets. For this reason SFT developed the H2PRO handheld computer software in 2001. This trading front end system was mainly used in the open out-cry markets. The H2PRO system enabled traders to write electronic order tickets and to Hit & Lift on the basis of theoretical values. During this period the open out-cry markets were attempting to improve the order flow by creating more electronic order execution systems. Almost all of the derivative exchanges use an automated screen based platform. The classical open out-cry markets still exist in the US (CBOE/CBOT).

On these exchanges the order process is improved by using handheld computers. As market participants demand better access to the global exchanges, it is evident that screen trading will be the future standard. Investors want to be able to trade, either through the internet or through a linked trading system, and to execute directly. This change in the market environment has a direct consequence in terms of the requested functionalities of the trading software. In open out-cry markets it is the trader who has the primary role. The introduction of handheld computers equipped with market scan functionality provided support on the trading level. This indicated that it will no longer be purely the trading intellect that determines who will win the battle. One needs a high quality trading support system to survive no matter the trading intellect. Since quotes could be directly hit and executed, the software used by market makers and traders can directly impact their trading. Everyone connected to the exchange can trade instantaneously. The integration of risk control and increased trading possibilities becomes more important. Due to the complexity of these aspects software obtains the primary role in the electronic trading environment.

In the new market environment it is the combination between the intellect of the trader and the quality of the software tool used that counts. A good graphical User Interface (GUI), direct risk monitoring and control (middle & back office link), and accessibility become the key words of the strategy. Besides this functionality a high speed financial library, good infrastructure (IT platform) and the transparency of the system (API) are crucial in being successful as a software developer. The screen based trading platform enables investors and market makers to trade in several markets simultaneously. The physical presence in the form of a crowd has disappeared, as these pits have become virtual platforms where traders meet. The trader is now able to quote and make markets in derivative products in different stocks globally. The modern trader is a multiple market, multiple product player. The connectivity to these electronic exchanges enables the trader to follow the liquidity and seek out new trading opportunities. This makes the need for sophisticated trading support software (STSS) obvious. We not only provide our clients access to these markets, we also support them with the latest in extensive research and development on financial modeling techniques. We provide them with functionalities that enable them to be present in various markets Such as Monitor Agents, Quote Engines, Volatility Managers, Global Risk Analysis and other tools. Trading optimization tools are given to our clients to enable them to anticipate quickly and be able to execute trading strategies in the fastest possible way.

We believe that we have found the basis in continuing to develop software that enables market participants to trade and monitor risk in these changing market environments. We will supply our clients with fast and easy to handle software applications. In addition to providing the perfect trading environment we will support our clients with the latest in know how and extensive financial libraries to enable the traders to anticipate quickly and gain assistance in their trading strategies.