Company Profile

Sfiss Financial Technology B.V. (SFT) was founded in 1996. The origin of building software for market professionals already started in the late eighty's. A preliminary version of the current software internally supported the structured asset management for institutional clients. The software was used to monitor the risk and to assist in creating option overlay Strategies.

The basic idea in the setup of a dedicated software company was to use the combination of mathematical- and market experience in order to create powerful software tools. The diversified client base of market makers and risk managers within clearing firms' combined with our mathematical skills were the valuable inputs for our products.

The use of a modern and powerful modeling tool enabled us to develop a sophisticated, high performing risk management and trading system. The name ATOMPRO stands for Analysis Tool for the Option Market for the Professional.

The engine of a derivative support system is undoubtly the financial library in which the theoretical evaluation of the different products is performed. Hence the quality of a trader support system will be highly correlated to the quality of its financial library. For this reason SFT believes that an in-house developed financial library is the basis of success.

Besides the internal research & development to study a variety of modeling techniques and pricing modules, SFT is the initiator of a global derivatives foundation. In this foundation both business and theory meet in a scientific environment. The foundation has links to several international universities where students can do an internship or start working on a thesis. Professors of mathematical science, finance, operating research and applied math are involved, they form a diversified team. Besides representatives from the scientific community, experienced traders from a large market maker company bring in their knowledge of derivative and equity markets as member of the board of the foundation. It is the aim of the foundation to narrow the gap between the market practitioners and the theoreticians by enabling and supporting young researchers to develop themselves in both worlds.